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Tartan Cake (and 3D printing)

My girlfriend works for a company that was having a cake making contest recently. This company has its own registered tartan (yes, individual tartan patterns can be registered) and a logo of an eagle which looks pretty cool and we figured would look even better all made out of icing. A quick google for “tartan icing” reveals minimal decent results and what is there is mostly just printed patterns rather than hand-made.…
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More 3D Printing

Last summer I wrote about 3D printing a replacement gear for a mechanical device in my office at Fivium. This topic came up recently while talking to one of the directors during the company’s 10th birthday party and I mentioned how it was a fairly simple thing to do, fun and how much I’d like to do it more yet the cost of paying a third party to print is a high barrier for personal projects.…
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3D Printing

A couple of months ago something broke in my office. Typically in a modern office, especially at a software development company, when something breaks it is software with bugs. For a change it turned out to be a hardware failure, and not hardware like an SSD or their Air Con (which happens to frequently break) but a gear inside a large piece of archaic office machinery. After dismantling the original mechanism we noticed one of 4 main gears had some teeth missing.…
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